Location Of Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Location Of Rwenzori Mountain

Where To Find Mountain Rwenzori National Park

The Rwenzori mountains, also sometimes spelled Ruwenzori, Rwenzururu or Rwenjura, are in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border, split between the four districts of Kasese, Kabarole, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo. The range is 120km long and 61km wide – covering 995km2 in total.

From Kampala, the country’s capital, it will take you four to six hours to reach to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. An alternative is to charter a flight from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese Airstrip, where you can then drive to the national park in less than an hour. The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is also accessible from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, however it takes a 4×4 and some difficult roads. The most effective route is from Uganda.

We love the ambitious well-organized landscapes on the top of the mountain, the flourishing, well looking and attractive vegetation, the ice snowcapped peaks mention it all. Mountain Rwenzori is quite an amazing attraction that no one should endeavor to miss at one point in his or her itinerary while having his safari to Uganda.
However amazing this mountain may be, it is also quite tire sum on the other hand because it involves hiking to reach the summit which is not an easy thing just as you hear it.

Mountain Rwenzori has got attractions that have attracted tourists and these include; the green and well looking vegetation, lakes, rocks, cliffs, glaciers ice snow mention it all. All these have rapidly attracted a number of people from whole over the world hence bringing in a lot of income to the government and helping the people around.

Some of the activities done on the mountains include; trekking, hiking, biking and so on.
The Rwenzori mountains are a chain of dormant volcanoes in East Africa. They are located on the borders of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo with Rwanda to their south. These peaks may not match taller mountains else where in the world but they offer some spectacular scenery and wild life viewing opportunities

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