Activities Done In Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Activities Done In Rwenzori Mountains

Things To Do In Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Mountain Climbing.

Due to the fact that Margherita, the third-highest peak in all of Africa, is located in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, mountain climbing is the finest activity and the main one done there during your trip.

Wildlife viewing.

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park offers breathtaking views of a landscape with a high concentration of trees and distinctive vegetation. At the mountain’s edge, savannah grassland is home to a variety of mammal species, including Genet mongooses, leopards, Uganda claw frogs, roch hydrax, golden cats, blue monkeys, bush bucks, giant forest hogs, and others.

Nature walks and Hiking.

Visitors to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park benefit from nature walks since they can hike and still experience the park’s natural beauty. A nature walk guide will lead you to a panoramic view of the park’s wildlife, including the lake Muhooma and the Buraro chimp forest, while you learn about the park’s different attractions.

Bird watching.

One of the main activities in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park is bird watching, where there are excellent chances to see a variety of bird species. A bird watcher can spot the 217 bird species present in the park, including the sunbirds, robins, barbets, bee-eaters, and many others that are frequently found in the high Rwenzori.

Cultural Encounter.

Cultural interactions between visitors and the Bakozo people in their homes in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park are among the most exciting and amazing activities to take part in. This is especially true of the walk visitors take through the Rwenzori Foothills to reach the Bakozo people, which is the most admirable experience to have once in a lifetime.

Best time to visit Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The ideal months to visit the Rwenzori Mountains National Park are June through August and December to February, which are also good months to go mountain climbing.

Where to stay in Rwenzori mountains national park.

During their visit to the park, visitors can stay in excellent, comfortable lodgings at the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, including the Equator Snow Lodge, Rweteera Safari Park, Engiri Game Lodge and Campsite, Ruboni Community Camp, and many more.

Accommodation in Rwenzori Mountain national park.

Tropical Savannah Guest House.

Tropical Savannah guest house is located along the route between Kasese and Mbarara. This lodge is ideal for travelers on a tight budget and provides basic amenities including Wi Fi, showers, restrooms, a flat-screen TV, closets, and mosquito nets. Local and foreign cuisine is offered at the restaurant, and orders can be made to be delivered to specific rooms.

Tours Holiday Inn:

On the road leading to Nyakalejija, this resort may be found near Ibanda’s commercial district. 15 self-contained rooms make up the lodge, a locally owned hotel. Five more independent rooms are located in an addition. The main structure and extension can each sleep roughly 40 people in total each night. A conference room, a conference room with heated water, a bar, and a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner are all included in the hotel’s amenities. foods from Italy, Germany, and the US are provided with regional specialties.

Ruboni Community Camp.

With fantastic views of the Rwenzori Mountains, this low-cost hotel was constructed close to the park’s entrance at Nyakalenjija. It is one of the older lodges in the Nyakalenjija region and it runs on a community project. Residents can enjoy the crisp mountain air thanks to its starting location in the park. The rooms are self-contained and comprised of balconies, showers, toilets, and grass-thatched roofs. They are also built of brick.

Ruboni community camp has got a restaurant that also serves as a gathering place and a resource center. The restaurant’s friendly staff serves both international and regional fare, like fried Tilapia and chapatti. The camp organizes events like bird watching, hill climbing, village walks, camping, forest walks, and a trip to the Mahoma path inside the park to encourage tourists to engage with the locals. As a communal effort, it aids in the growth of the neighborhoods close to the park. This is just another justification for how strongly advised it is to remain at the camp.

Mihunga Safari Lodge.

The Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) launched this guesthouse to the public in 2010 in the Mihunga settlement near Nyakalenjija. The lodge features self-contained wooden lodging options and a restaurant that serves both local and foreign cuisine.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite:

In the village of Mihunga, there is a cheap motel here that is locally owned and operated. There is also a camping area. The establishment has a bar and restaurant that serves Ugandan cuisine while also catering to the tastes of foreign guests.

Ihamba lakeside Safari Lodge.

Ihamba lake side safari lodge is located on the shores of Lake George just close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. This safari lodge is close to the Rwenzori Mountain ranges’ fishing settlement of Kahendero. The lodge contains six self-contained cottages and provides services like laundry, housekeeping, parking, fire apparatus, and a swimming pool.

Rwenzori Backpackers:

Budget travelers who use the Kilembe Trail to walk in the mountains frequently use these facilities. Hot showers, cozy bedding, a bar, and a restaurant are all amenities of the resort.

Sandton Hotel Kasese.

This hotel is situated in the center of Kasese town along the Rwenzori Road. The hotel has a sizable room for conferences and meetings and welcomes both local and foreign guests. The area surrounding the hotel is peaceful and pleasant, with lovely gardens.

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