Mount Rwenzori National Park

The Mystical Challenge

Mountain Rwenzori National Park is rewardingly known as Mountains of the Moon for its great hiking experience, It bares the Highest point which is 5,109m above sea level on Mt Stanley’s Margherita Peak. The oldest recorded person to reach Margherita Peak was Ms. Beryl Park aged 78 in 2010 which makes a really high challenging area and also world-class hiking and mountaineering destination

Mountain Climbing In Uganda

Hike Summit Of Margherita

Mountain Climbing In Uganda happens in the Rwenzori Mountains which is categorized as a technical climb. There are two routes to reach the starting point for Rwenzori climbing ie; the Central route out of Nyakalengija and the Southern route out of Kilembe. Mount Rwenzori is grouped into many mounts so the difficulty to reach. These mountains include Mount Speke, Mount Baker, and Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley

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Guide To Mountain Rwenzori National Park

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ountain Rwenzori is Located in Uganda’s southwestern and it is  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the boundary between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the mountainous Rwenzori National Park is located on the east side of the western Albertine Rift Valley. One of the earliest and highest-altitude protected areas, Mountain Rwenzori National Park spans 996 square kilometers in the districts of Kabarole, Kasese, and Bundibugyo, covering the majority of the mountain’s central and eastern slopes. The park is similar to Mountain Elgon National Park, which, unlike other national parks in Uganda, contains a mountain.
Mountain Rwenzori, commonly known as the “mountain of the moon” by a geographer and photographer named Alexandrian, is the third highest mountain in Africa at a height of 16700 feet above sea level. The mountain is a snow-capped magnificent feature, and the glaciers on it are sources of water for the River Nile, the longest river in the world. Margherita point, the highest point on Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Speke, Mountain Baker, Mountain Stanley, Mountain Emin Pasha, and Mountain Luigi da Savoia are just a few of the stunning peaks that make up this mountain range.
The most popular tourist destination in Mountain Rwenzori National Park is this magnificent mountain, which Henry Morton Stanley named “Clouds Mountains” for its distinctive picturesque peaks and diverse array of natural systems. One of the most alluring Alpine regions in the world, Mountain Rwenzori is covered with stunning and distinctive flora at various altitudes, including distinctive mountainous vegetation with breathtaking characteristics like glaciers, snowfields, and waterfalls.
The mountainous Rwenzori National Park is recognized for its distinctive flora, which includes district vegetation zones like as moorland, bamboo, colorful mosses, enormous tree-heaters, and rich, moist montane forest that cover the mountain’s slopes at various altitudes. Additionally, there are enormous varieties of the rarest plant species, Senecio and Lobelia, which are only found in the East African mountains at elevations exceeding 3800 meters.
The  Park is home to the Colobus monkey, buffalo, chimpanzees, forest elephants, leopards, and other primates and mammals. The park is home to over 216 different species of birds in addition to unusual reptiles like the three-horned chameleon. In addition to mountain climbing, the park administration also arranges visits with the local Bakonjo tribe and nature hikes.

What to do in Rwenzori national park.

Mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing is best done in the mountain Rwenzori National Park since it is home to the peak known as Margarita, which is the highest point in all of Africa and requires a seven-day ascent to reach. climbers who like to travel. The ideal trail to take in order to enjoy scenic ways to the summit of the Rwenzori may be found here, thus you should go there. Every trail you follow offers breathtaking and rewarding views of glacier lakes, stunning vistas, imposing mountain passes, and lush valleys.

Hiking and nature walk.

This is a fantastic opportunity for tourists who prefer to experience natural wonders, and the Rwenzori is particularly amazing because it allows you to hike through the park’s hidden terrain and take nature walks with a guide who can take you to trails that offer panoramic views of animals like Mahoma and buraro chimpanzee forests. Additionally, you can climb via the settlements of Kichamhe to the Bundibugyo region via the Bwamba pass.

Cultural encounter in the Rwenzori mountains.

The walk you take to the bakoza villagers’ homes via the Rwenzori foothills will be the most awe-inspiring experience of a lifetime. This is a great and exciting activity to take part in here in the Rwenzori Mountain. You won’t regret visiting the Bakozo people if you take in their energetic dance performance accompanied by energetic drumming, learn how to make their traditional food alongside them, meet the blacksmith, traditional healers, basket weavers, and listen to their incredible storytellers.


Observing birds in their native environments and habitats as a hobby is what this activity entails. Given that it is home to more than 217 different bird species, Rwenzori Mountain is also among the best places for birdwatchers to find new species. In the montane forest, which is the finest place to see them, travelers who appreciate birding have a fantastic opportunity to see rare species of birds. Robins, sunbirds, bee-eaters, and long-eared owl are a few examples of the birds that can be seen.

Wildlife viewing in Rwenzori Mountain national park.

Expect to observe a range of stunning landscapes with a high density of trees and other unusual vegetation on the Rwenzori mountain, which is famous for its three-horned chameleon. Blue monkeys, bushbuck, and golden cats, to name a few, are among the many mammal species that call the savannah grassland at the mountain’s edge home.

Accommodation in Mountain Rwenzori National Park.

Kiharo camp.

This camp is located in the Rwenzori mountain ranges also known as the mountains of the moon. The camp has got 4 cabins where 3 of them has got 8 beds and the 4th has got one double bed for couples.
The first 3 huts have got bunk beds while the 4th hut has got double beds.
Each of the rooms has got bucket showers and hot water to use. Therefore no worries about the cold water while there.
The camp has got two types of rooms where by the first room has bunk beds and the second one has 3 single beds.
This camp has got Montane forest zone vegetation with beautiful views of Nyamwamba valley and the twin peaks.
The camp has got a small lobelia garden and beautiful waterfalls which are just 20m away from the camp.
The camps do not have electricity but they have got solar panels which are strong over 240v inverters. There fore clients are free to do what they want such as charging their phones, laptops and so on.

Getting there

To get to Rwenzori Mountain National Park, travelers can either use road or air

By Road Transport

There are two routes

Visitors should allow roughly 4 hours to travel the 300 kilometers from Kampala via Mubende to Fort Portal.
Tourists can travel the 350 kilometres (240 mi) to Kasese via Masaka, Mbarara, and Bushenyi in around 6 hours.
This route is arguably more thrilling because it passes through the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Lake Mburo National Park, but it is lengthy and travelers are advised to take a break.

By Air

A chartered flight can be scheduled, and it only takes 30 minutes to arrive at the Kasese airfield from where visitors can go a short distance to the park.

Other Countries

You can also enter the park from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Starting in Kigali, Rwanda, travelers follow a bus schedule to Gisenyi before entering the Congo and traveling on to Beni. From there, travelers can head toward Kasindi and then Beni, where they can travel within 13 km of Mutwanga, the customary departure point for excursions from this side.

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