7 Days Mountains Of The Moon Hiking Safari

7 Days Mountains Of The Moon Hiking Safari

Mountain Rwenzori National Park Safari

For those who are already in Kasese or any hotel in Nakalengija, this seven-day Rwenzori trekking safari is available. The Rwenzori ranges, which are separated by deep gorges, can be seen during the trek’s first leg from Nkalengija through the Central Circuit Trail. These ranges include Mount Stanley (5109 meters), Mount Baker (4843 meters), Mount Speke (4890 meters), Mount Luigi di Savoia (4627 meters), Mount Gessi (4715 meters), and Mount Emin (4798 meters). The tallest mountain, Mount Stanley, has numerous peaks, the highest of which is Margherita peak (5109 meters).

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1: Nyakalengija (1615m) to Nyabitaba Hut (2651m).

You will depart from your hotel early in the morning to travel to the Rwenzori offices in Nyakalengija, where you will receive a briefing. From there, you will be transported to the starting point, where you will begin your mountaineering journey. It will take you approximately 10 miles through cultivated land and forest to reach Nyabitaba Hut. Staying the night at Nyabitaba Hut for dinner.


Nyabitaba hut.


Day 2: Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut (3505m).

After breakfast on the second day of your seven-day Rwenzori hiking safari, you’ll start rising to John Matte Hut. Given that it takes at least seven hours to complete while moving, this is thought to be the longest trial. It entails briefly traveling through woodland before crossing the Kurt Schefer Bridge over the river Bujuku. Even though it only takes a few hours from here, the trail to Nyamileju Hut is very smooth and clear, it does get hillier and steeper as you travel further and enter higher ground, which is where heather plants are commonly found. To reach John Matte Hut, which will take around 3 hours and a distance of 200 meters, you will first stop at Nyamileju Hut for lunch. You will continue on the trail through a vast heather forest from there.


John Matte hut.


Day 3: Trek from John Matte to Bujuku Hut (3,9620).

Enjoy your morning tea and start your trek from John Matte to Bujuku hut. The trail descends to the Bujuku River and Inferior Bigo Swamp where enormous lobelias grow. Before continuing to Lake Bujuku, where views of the highest mountain in the west, Stanley, can be seen, cross the swamp to the Higher Bigo marsh. Bujuku Hut hosts dinner and overnight stays.


Bujuku hut.


Day 4: From Bujuku Hut to Elenah Hut (4,023).

Enjoy your breakfast, hike a 4-kilometer trail amid groundsel vegetation, and ascend 4,372 m, which takes 5-7 hours. Following the hike down through the steep slopes of Lake Bujuku to the West, you will descend through the sides of the Upper Bigo bog. Reach the 4372m Scott-Elliot pass by ascending, then carry on through a number of marshes and the amazing ground gully. The steep section above the gully will then be traversed by a metal ladder, bringing you to a fork in the trail where two trails diverge. The right trail leads to the Elena Hut, rising steeply above the big boulders to Mount Stanley, and the left trail descends to Kitandara Hut via the Scott-Eliot pass.
The trail is then split into two sections. The Elena Hut and a difficult climb above huge boulders lead to Mt. Stanley on the right trail, while the left trail descends to Kitandara Lakes and leads to Scott-Elliot Pass.
Elena Hut, which is located in the rocky portion of Mount Stanley, is in a chilly area despite providing stunning views of Mount Baker and Mount Speke, which are occasionally obscured by fog. Dinner and a night in the Elena hut are included.


Elenah hut.


Day 5: From Elena to Margherita to Kitandara.

You’ll get up at 5: 00 am today to eat breakfast before setting off from Elena to the summit of Margherita Peak hiking through Mount Stanley. You will travel across the angular rocky terrain using ropes, and the guide will instruct you on how to use the crampons and ice axe on the glacier axe. This will take a few hours, and then you will arrive at the edge of the Margherita Glacier, which is the most difficult section of the seven-day Rwenzori trekking safari. The next step is to ascend to Mount Stanley’s highest point, Margherita Peak (5107m).
Enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Ireen, Mount Speke, and the surrounding area at this point before descending to Elena Hut for lunch and dinner.
In the alternative, you can travel to Kitandara via Scott Elliot Pass, which is regarded as the most picturesque location in the Rwenzori, have dinner, and spend the night in Kitandara Hut.


Kitandara hut.


Day 6: Kitandara hut to Guy Yeoman Hut (3505m).

After breakfast, a 4280 m steep climb is required to get from the foot of Mt. Baker to the fresh field across the southern portions of the Rwenzori. Viewing west toward the Congo and north toward Mt. Stanley is extremely possible. The muddy route descends from the trail and passes through the rock dwellings at Bujangolo, which was the site of a famous excursion by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.
At Guy Yeoman Hut, you have dinner and spend the night.


Guy Yeoman hut.


Day 7: Nyabitaba and back to Kampala.

You will begin your ascent back to Nyabitaba Hut after eating your morning meal; it will take approximately six hikes to get there. The hike passes by adjacent Lake Mahoma and Nyabitaba as well as the moss zone and the heather region. Check out of the park and embark on your journey back to Kampala.

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