4 Days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking Journey Safari

4 Days Rwenzori Mountain Hiking Journey Safari

Mountain Rwenzori National Park Safari

A four-day trip and climb of the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda is the best package we can provide for seasoned mountaineers. The Rwenzori Mountains, which stand between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo along the western rift valley, are covered in snow. The mountains, which reach a height of 5,109 meters, are still referred to as the “mountains of the moon” and were once called the “Rwenzori mountains.”
You can hike the majestic Rwenzori mountain during your safari, and there’s a good chance that you’ll view rewarding scenery, many plant species, and the stunningly beautiful Nyamwamba valley at the mountain’s summit. The entire journey consists of meals, housing, ropes, and a harness. Additionally, you can rent raincoats, boots, sleeping bags, hats, and gloves. We advise bringing a sleeping bag and some warm clothing even though stretchers and mattresses are provided.

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Rwenzori Mountain National Park.

Depending on where you are, our driving guide will pick you up very early at 6:00 am and drive you to the Rwenzori Mountain National Park. You will have a break to experiment and snap pictures at the equator. Drive on to Fort Portal for lunch and then proceed to the park. Before the evening nature walks through the forest, check in at the lodge and take a break when you arrive. A meal and an overnight sleep.

Day 2: Trekking Day In The Bamboo Forest.

Enjoy your breakfast and then travel 12 kilometers past Kilembe from Kasese to the trekkers’ hostel in Kyanjiki. The trekking experience starts at 8:00 am, unless you may go as late as 10:00 am. Before beginning the 2.2 km climb to the UWA ranger station, which rises to a height of 1,727 meters, you will meet your guides there. Here, the park rangers will inform you of the activities and rules for the day. The distance of today’s walk, 8.6 kilometers, is expected to take 5 to 6 hours to accomplish. It will rise from a starting point of 1667 meters to a height of 3171 meters.

You enter a montane forest for the first two upward kilometers, where you might see tall trees covered in dense undergrowth, a vast range of unique bird species, and primates. Unless it is pouring heavily, you will continue to follow a sharp ascent up to a main ridge with few pebbles and solid footing. There are untouched woodlands with a variety of trees and plants.
Groups of 15 to 20 black and white colobus monkeys can be observed swinging amongst the trees where we eat. After lunch, we will climb another half-kilometer to a small cave that served as a poachers’ hideout. The dense bamboo is home to several bug and bird species.

The bamboo, which is quite magnificent, gradually gives way to giant heather trees covered in bearded moss as we approach the 3000-meter mark. After a day of hiking, you’ll stop at Samalira camp to take in the expansive views of the foothills leading to Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park, as well as a clear view of Kasese town on the left.


Samalira camp.


Day 3: Hiking Day to descend through the Bamboo Forest.

After breakfast, we’ll start our ascent through the bamboo forest. The location is far more humid than the trail leading to Samalira camp on the southern windward side of the mountain, which gets a lot of rain. When we pass through the sine rock shelter at about 2600 meters, the bamboo gives way to afro-montane forests.
For more than 30 years, Sine, an animal poacher in the mountains, resided in this shelter made of rocks. We will then make our way down to the base of the ridge, cross a significant, swift-moving torrent, and arrive at the Musenga rock shelter. We have our lunch here and take a little break before making the final 6 kilometers through the mountainous forest to the ranger station. We will say goodbye and hike the remaining 1.2 kilometers to our waiting vehicles and the trekkers’ hostel after a brief debriefing. A meal and a good night’s sleep.


Trekkers hostel.


Day 4: Return to Kampala/ Entebbe Airport.

After eating breakfast, you should head to Kampala, where you will be dropped off at your hotel or Entebbe Airport, depending on where your flight home is leaving from. Your four-day hike up the Rwenzori Mountains will now come to a conclusion.

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The package includes.

All activities in the itinerary.
English-speaking guide.

The package excludes.

International flights.
Entry visas.
Alcoholic drinks.