3 Days Of Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari

3 Days Of Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari

Mountain Rwenzori National Park Safari

This 3 days safari to Rwenzori will give you a chance to experience the Rwenzoris without spending too much of your money. This is one of the perfect safaris I would recommend to any client who would like to hike the mountain but he or she is always busy with work. This safari will not only help you to hike but it will also help you to have a glance at different animals such as the colobus monkeys, different bird species, and so on.

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1: Hike to the Sine Camp.

After having your breakfast, get to Kilembe at 1450m to have a briefing with your guides on how to start the trip. You will hike through the Afro-montane forest zone’s forests. For around 6 kilometers, there is a steady ascent before passing through a steep part that leads to Sine Camp.
The hike is a fantastic way to explore some of the Rwenzoris’ vegetation and fauna, including Colobus monkeys. Over the course of today, you will travel roughly 9.5 km in total.


Sine camp.


Day 2: Transfer from Sine Camp to Samalira Camp.

Reach Kalalaama camp at 3,134 meters by ascending through the Bamboo zone. After a little break, proceed through a dense forest covered in hanging mosses until you come to a lobelia garden. To reach Samalira camp, which is at 3,174 meters, descend through a mossy ridge. The climb today traverses some difficult terrain and covers around 4 miles in 5 to 6 hours.


Samalira camp.


Day 3: Return to base camp.

Enjoy your morning tea and start descending through the densely forested ridge where many monkeys, including black and white colobus moneys, live, descend from Samalira Camp back through the Bamboo zone. Keep descending to base camp. The hike today is 10.8 kilometers long and takes 6-7 hours to complete.

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