Crater Lakes In Kibale National Park

Crater Lakes In Kibale Forest National Park

Where To Go In Kibale Forest

Kibale forest national park has a collection of many crater lakes well known as Ndali Kasenda crater lakes. The crater lakes are situated closer to the park. Visitors doing community nature walk, can take a tour around the lakes after or before chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, but the activity, is best done after a morning chimpanzee trekking and later afternoon, you can go to visit the crater lakes in surrounding villages. Some of these lakes are lake Nyabikere, lake Nkuruba, lake Nyinambuga, lake Kifuraka, Lake Nyinabulitwa, lake Nyamasangari and lake Lyantonde offering various activities for Visitors visiting including; canoeing, sports fishing and swimming on some of these crater lakes.

There are more activities to participate in while in Kibale national park and surrounding areas such as bush craft children’s activities, visiting amabere ga nyinamwiru caves, Bigodi swamp and community walk and more. Kibale national park is open to visitors all year round though the best time to visit is during the dry season when the area is not muddy and slippery. Remember to carry a rain coat, insect repellent, strong hiking shoes, enough drinking water, camera, binoculars and more. Come explore the primate capital as you spend time with our closest relatives and also get to learn of new cultures and traditions form the local communities around quite different from yours.

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